October 6th, 2017

Sensation/Disorientation is headed to Bulgaria!


SPOTLIGHT: USA,” a platform of American dance in Bulgaria, will feature U.S. dance companies in performances in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from March 26-28, 2018. SPOTLIGHT will introduce American dance companies to international dance professionals, increase cultural exchange and appreciation between the U.S. and Bulgaria, provide opportunities for American dance to be seen and embraced by international audiences, and lay the groundwork for sustained collaboration among the numerous countries that will attend.

Congratulations to the following American companies selected by the jury: Camille A. Brown & Dancers (New York, NY), CONTRA-TIEMPO (Los Angeles, CA), Dance Heginbotham (New York, NY), Degenerate Art Ensemble (Seattle, WA), <fidget> (Philadelphia, PA), Jonah Bokaer Choreography (New York, NY), Kate Wallich + The YC (Seattle, WA), Palissimo Company (New York, NY), and Tahni Holt Dance (Portland, OR).

November 1st, 2016

The Lucky Penny // FLOROMANCY // Atlanta

My music collaborator for both Sensation/Disorientation and Apple & Pomegranates, Luke Wyland ,and I had the pleasure of being is residence at The Work Room in Atlanta through The Lucky Penny. Learn more about these fine folk. They are radically changing the dance landscape in Atlanta and beyond.

During our stay we were asked to submit something of our experience for FLOROMANCY’s issue #7 (a on-line art platform). Here is a link: FLOROMANCY issue #7

To all the brave hearts of Atlanta-Thank you for your generosity. Until next time!

November 1st, 2016



TICKETS ON SALE: HERE  // JANUARY 18th-22nd, 2017

SENSATION/DISORIENTATION is an intimate dance for six multigenerational (15–60 year-old) female performers with audience seated in the round. It is a performative ritual that plays the negotiation between the visual logic of image-bound bodies and the organic logic of physically-bound bodies full of sensations. The work’s vitality is enacted through high-sensorial experiences and presence. Durational repetition and slow physical transformation play a vital role. Exhaustion ruptures familiar narratives while questions of labor and the individual, social and cultural female body are brought into the spotlight.

The Community: Choreographed by Tahni Holt along with performers: Tracy Broyles, Muffie Connelly, Carla Mann, Eliza Larson, Suzanne Chi and Aidan Hutapea. An original sound score by Luke Wyland with dramaturgy by Kate Bredeson. Lighting by Jeff Forbes and costumes by Alenka Loesch.

October 20th, 2015

apples & pomegranates


FREE // A Day in Paradise // www.fallenfruit.org/a-day-in-paradise
Hope you can join me October 24th at 1pm and 3pm for a 20 minute solo. I am but one of many things happening that day in and around PAM as part of Fallen Fruit’s A Day in Paradise.

apples & pomegranates might build on the mythological idea of Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden (there might be a moment of this). It is a solo dance performance that walks the fault line between rejected female stereotypes and embodied expression (it might do this too), wrestling with first impressions, assumptions and associations, motherhood, sensationalism, emotionality, sexuality, connectivity, familial relationships, an image/time­bound body, and the body in the present moment. Sound Score and technical support by Luke Wyland

Other artists include: Natalie Ball, Bruce Conkle, Bill Cravis, Horatio Law, Aaron Lish, Jess Perlitz, DeAngelo Raines and Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young).

August 1st, 2014

Duet Love + NDP Touring Award Grant + performance dates

Tahni Holt is one of 10 selected dance artists from across the United States to receive an NDP Touring Award Grant for her most recent work, Duet Love. The NDP Touring Award, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is a highly competitive grant that supports projects through subsidizing artists fees and travel for touring. Thus far Duet Love has four touring partners: Velocity (Seattle), Pica (Portland), DiverseWorks (Houston) and The Lucky Penny (Atlanta). For more information on this grant please go to www.nefa.org


Duet Love Tour:

Velocity Premier: September 4th-6th, Seattle:

PICA’s TBA Festival: September 13th-16th, Portland:

DiverseWorks: Spring 2015

The Lucky Penny: Spring 2015


May 31st, 2014


Screen shot 2014-05-31 at 2.47.26 PM

Wow-big news: I have been awarded the coveted Barney Award from the lovely gents at White Bird. The award is a commission for my next project-to be premiered on a future White Bird season! The award will be given at the White Bird annual Gala & Awards reception and dinner on June 8, 2014. I am honored to be sharing the spotlight with Conduit’s Artistic Director Tere Mathern and Conduit co-founder and former director Mary Oslund as they have received Excellence in Community Engagement award!



February 6th, 2014



FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists. Opening March 1st, 2014.

Help Support FLOCK’s Vision…


Help spread the word!

In the heart of North Portland, housed in Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center, FLOCK inspires and ignites. Installed with 1600′ danceable hard wood flooring along with a raised ceiling that goes to the rafters, FLOCK is a place in perpetual motion that is shaped by the artists involved and the projects that it works to defend. It supports both choreographic works and educational engagements.

FLOCK brings together a dynamic team of choreographers who make up the members of FLOCK and call it their artistic home: Tahni Holt, Lucy Yim, Tracy Broyles, Allie Hankins, Stephanie Lanckton, Dawn Stoppiello, Kaj-Anne Pepper, Deanna Carlson and Danielle Ross.

The time is now. A call to action: Join us in support of current and future generations of artists. Join us in creating place for experimentation and discourse shaped by new and current ideas in the field. Join us in making an internationally known dance center that is driven by the idea of creating more agency for the artist.  Join us in making FLOCK a reality today.







October 30th, 2013

Resource Room Residency

As some of you may know, along with Robert Tyree, Noelle Stiles and Danielle Ross,  I am producer of FRONT, a dance newspaper. FRONT relies on the old-school tactics of the newspaper infused with new, current, future energy of dance theory and practices in the field. FRONT  is in residence through PICA’s Resource Room Residency. Please join us on December 8th for our 3rd Edition Distribution party and the public component to our residency.