under an hour

1. Water

2. Flour

3. Light

In collaboration with Marty Schnapf

Performed: PICA’s TBA Festival/Portland, OR (2004), On The Board’s NW New Works Festival/Seattle, WA. (2004), Bumbershoot/Seattle, WA. (2004)

After some time it was realized safety could only be found where movement ceased.

under an hour deals with the modern day problem of momentum, how it is an obstacle and how it becomes a place of great potential. It is a trilogy of three 20-minute performances manifesting in a stage of water, a stage of flour and a cataclysm of falling lights. An in-bedded count down timer signifies the all too prevalent reality that time is running out.

This work was created with musicians: Menomena (soundtrack available: Under an Hour), costume designer Jayme Hansen, lighting designer Jeff forbes and performers: Daniel Addy, Tracy Broyles, Jenn Gierada, Angelle Hebert, Julie Katch, Noelle Stiles and Sierra Woods.

This work was made possible through a grant from Regional Art and Culture Council, and was commissioned by PICA’s TBA Festival (2004)