the swallows

In collaboration with Marty Schnapf
Performed: Stumptown cafe/Portland, OR. (2007)

The Swallows first manifested as a poem and was later adapted into a video installation written and created by Marty Schnapf. Eight Portland songwriters were asked to write song based on the poem and installation. These three elements merged with choreography to culminate in a live performance concert drinking game.

As customers left the North wall of a bar/cafe performers quietly replaced them. Once a row of eight tables had been established, performers raised their glasses for a toast. Eight of the ten performers had written songs based on the original Swallows text. Choreographed pedestrian movements and vocal clichés initiated and punctuated their songs. The word “Swallow” was repeated throughout the performance inviting customers and audience members to join the performers in drink, dance, song and cheer.

This work was created with songwriters: Liam Kenna, Sean Barrett, Dickbird, Jesse Lichtenstein, Interiors Project, Sara Farell, Kate O-Brien Clarke, and Charles Westmoreland.