the party project (ongoing)

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Performed: South Waterfront/Portland, OR. (2007)

This work is a small part of a larger project. It is considered research for a future performance. It was created during a month long residency at The South Waterfront with over 25 volunteer movers. It is a site specific performance. It is a site specific performance that takes place at a condominium and a yet to be inhabited retail space. It is a study on external and internal space in regards to architecture and it’s cultural intentions. It is a study on what shape gatherings form/take when in these spaces. It is a study on parties. It is a fun event about parties. It is a party and a performance.

Drawn from the cinematic experience of viewing movies on screen the performance is seen through the windows of these spaces. The performers are inside. The audience is outside. The pre-recorded music is played through a sound system on a movable red-toy wagon outside. The musicians lead the audience to the next event with live song. The performers come outside to join the audience. What was once thought of as a performance becomes a caroling party.

This work was created with musicians: Corrina Repp, Joe Haege and Kate O’Brien-Clarke, lighting designer Bill Boese, as well as performers: Sumi Wu, Jerry Tischleder, Sarah Carl, Tom Thorson, Sean Barrett, Theda Catalano, Alan Silver, Matt Munson, Mathew King, Teresa Lundy, Nate Query, Toby Query, Vanessa Vogel, Dale Nicholls, Sarah Ferrell, Fawn Williams, Hannah Treuhaft, Noelle Stiles, Gordon Caron, Gabriel Darling, Lucie Bonvalet, Eric Nordstrom, Lilly chamberlain, Julie Hammond and John…

This work was commissioned by the South Waterfront Artist in Residence (AiR) Program, Sept/07-Sept/08, as part of its Monthly Guest Artist Series. Devoted to place-making, additional information can be found about the AiR program here.

Video by Dicky Dahl.