The Gravediggers take Atlanta

The Gravediggers, a project initiated by Elizabeth Ward and Tahni Holt, is an intersection: An attempt to make possible new spaces for dance and conversation. As global travelers,The Gravediggers takes place where ever the two intersect. These experiments of possibility are a way to build community, give meaning to travel, and not feel so alienated by the market of dance making.  It is an attempt to solve a riddle, to understand the crime, to work through the construction of dance with different lenses. What is our place? What is our time? What is possible?

After a 3 week residency at Pa-F (performance Art Forum) in St. Erme, France in February 09, we constructed a workshop with local dancers at Conduit Dance in Portland, OR in November.

We have coined the term “the strings” as a way to pay attention to the emotional, contextual, psychological, and compositional components as well as to the performativity of dancing with others in space.  By using methods of inquiry through “the scientist”, “the detective” and “the reporter”, we tap into different languages that can be used as interpreting devices. The dance becomes the crime scene.

On Saturday January 9th we team up with Atlanta’s dance enthusiast and designer, Malina Rodriguez, and perform as part of Dance Truck. Come one come all, dress for the weather at 6pm at Eyedrum: 290 Martin Luther King Junior Drive Southeast. For this performance we are thinking of: gender as costume; image as identity; gesture as meaning; how to dance in a box truck without any sense of entrapment or hostility.