TICKETS ON SALE: HERE  // JANUARY 18th-22nd, 2017

SENSATION/DISORIENTATION is an intimate dance for six multigenerational (15–60 year-old) female performers with audience seated in the round. It is a performative ritual that plays the negotiation between the visual logic of image-bound bodies and the organic logic of physically-bound bodies full of sensations. The work’s vitality is enacted through high-sensorial experiences and presence. Durational repetition and slow physical transformation play a vital role. Exhaustion ruptures familiar narratives while questions of labor and the individual, social and cultural female body are brought into the spotlight.

The Community: Choreographed by Tahni Holt along with performers: Tracy Broyles, Muffie Connelly, Carla Mann, Eliza Larson, Suzanne Chi and Aidan Hutapea. An original sound score by Luke Wyland with dramaturgy by Kate Bredeson. Lighting by Jeff Forbes and costumes by Alenka Loesch.