TIMECODE: 33:20-43:30


SENSATION/DISORIENTATION is an intimate dance for six multigenerational (15–60 year-old) female performers. It is a performative ritual that plays the negotiation and tension between the visual logic of image-bound bodies and the organic logic of physically-bound bodies full of sensations. The work’s vitality is enacted through high-sensorial experiences and presence drawn from energetic states to manifest various aspects of the performer’s body. With the wildly divergent body types and ages of the five women, there are multiple relational scripts at play. Sensation/Disorientation does not dissuade or persuade any of these readings; the logic of the ritual is based on rigorous qualitative experiences.

Choreographed by Tahni Holt in collaboration with performers and artistic team Tracy Broyles, Aidan Hutapea, Carla Mann, Eliza Larson, Muffie Connelly and Suzanne chi.
Dramaturg-Kate Bredeson
Composer- Luke Wyland
Costume Design-Alenka Loesch
Lighting design-Jeff Forbes