the events preceding

In collaboration with Marty Schnapf

Performed: PDX Contemporary Art Gallery/Portland, OR (2006), Pacific Switchboard/Portland, OR (2006), Seaplane/Portland, OR. (2004)

The Events Preceding is a three performance-based installation to precede the performance under an hour. Marty’s installations were places in three quadrants of Portland. Each installation incorporated a digital countdown timer and a device with which a performer broke a small panel of glass. The timers were synchronized and all of the panels shattered at the end of the count down simultaneously. The video footage was created by Chris Larson for Pacific Switchboard Gallery that was looped, on display for a month, so that the viewer had a chance to see all the events take place.

This work was creating with performers: Daniel Addy, Angelle Hebert, Julie Katch, Tracy Broyles, Sierra Wood.

This work was made possible through sponsorship and in-kind donation from PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, Seaplane and Pacific Switchboard Gallery.

Pacific Switchboard video by Dustin Ward.