A list is being compiled of your movement through the world in your words. You are not alone. I am asking every visitor to my site to take a moment and send along a sentence that describes a dance you have done in your life.

the / a dance

  1. connexion with an african root

  2. applying to college

  3. scared shitless everyone think I’m not good enough but do it anyway

  4. swing around the pole

  5. trying to imitate what the **** my upstairs neighbors must be doing to make that noise

  6. Anime with hentai

  7. This ice is slippery

  8. liquid spacial illusion

  9. tap into that deep despair dance, but really all I want to do is the robot

  10. born honey smoke

  11. Break the floor

  12. I’m turning on my lover

  13. fuck I had a panic attack after that solo

  14. anxiety shuffle

  15. I totally fucked up publicaly and had to deal with the crisis of feeling ostracized as opposed to interrogating the oppression they were accusing me of

  16. get the thing you got coming to you

  17. elastic snapping

  18. cooking platanos

  19. Figure 8

  20. crazy two-step that instantly makes my dogs bark madly every time

  21. all is right in the world

  22. dance w/hubby after I clean my kitchen floor reward

  23. Alone in my room

  24. eternal back and forth aversion want

  25. gallery-hop

  26. make my baby laugh

  27. medical dosimetry

  28. evolution of pelvic worlds

  29. doppel-face sacred

  30. bounce a baby on an exercise ball while eating soup

  31. anything

  32. dance on the edge

  33. I’m gonna shit if I don’t pass you

  34. foot in mouth

  35. tongue and cheek

  36. I want to cut off my legs

  37. I just need to move my body in this weird way

  38. something to prove

  39. I can’t think of anything to say

  40. copy/paste

  41. Nancy Stark Smith alternate hip lifting, braid swinging

  42. impression of my father

  43. letting go

  44. politely rebellious

  45. Forever

  46. jammy

  47. Timeless disbelief walking through a tall grass prairie with thousands of damselflies on gossamer wings mating

  48. super post-modern (aka pretentious)

  49. mourning the crumbling of my soul

  50. saddest

  51. traveling and learning and teaching

  52. bitter cake

  53. I have to be done with this now

  54. my sister died, my girl friend left me and I fired a friend all in 12 hours roll

  55. twirling

  56. neck and tongue

  57. drinking coffee

  58. sexy walk

  59. love myself, separate from myself, hate myself, find myself, love myself

  60. telling you the story you need to hear

  61. consoling a lover

  62. Loving a mystery

  63. fandango

  64. haven’t seen you in 5 years

  65. Token digital

  66. robot

  67. Oedipus Rex

  68. walking on the wall

  69. dance on a snowflake

  70. motherhood

  71. generally anticapitalist

  72. unbearable lightness of being dance


  74. dodo

  75. I dreamt I lost all my bones

  76. pee

  77. red caboose

  78. caboose

  79. fun

  80. petty noir

  81. let it all go

  82. i have a business license

  83. Do I Need To Be Funny Death Dance

  84. dog just knocked over my coffee onto my favorite kilim rug while trying to get out the door for work and running late

  85. no more sad nights

  86. Dance of being able to

  87. grindr

  88. I am having fun!

  89. saying goodnight to the sun in the desert

  90. in bed and compulsively checking email

  91. I’m hungry and stumbing toward lunch


  93. sausage party dance

  94. this body is a force of nature

  95. i’m OVER it

  96. nail chew

  97. Being something is the dance

  98. Technological ennui

  99. I passed my exam

  100. studying for an exam while the baby is sick


  102. the shower dance

  103. First time Limon in the afternoon

  104. drying my feet

  105. watching-professionals-and-being-amazed while you

  106. waiting for the water to warm for my tea ’cause i’m cold

  107. daintily taking of my underwear

  108. moving to the mirror in my head

  109. logical logistics to enlighten happiness

  110. walking next to her for the first time dance

  111. sandbar spinning till you fall down

  112. touch myself the way i would touch you

  113. An improv to conger anger and formed out of compassion

  114. An Improv as a vehicle to conger anger built out of compassion

  115. when my grandchildren give me a huge smile and a hug dance! Now a third in the mix, yeah!

  116. dating San Francisco dance

  117. Xiao Chai Hu Tang

  118. the baby needs to fall asleep

  119. funky walking dance

  120. dance like you just don’t care

  121. too stoned to dance

  122. solstice celebration earth

  123. This dance is about…

  124. involuntary twith i do while watching othet people dance

  125. wine tasting dance

  126. jump in the sunshine on the beach dance

  127. last week on ice

  128. holding my farts in

  129. holding my farts in while i

  130. residual energy, reoccuring memories

  131. beat it

  132. skin meets texture imagined

  133. laying ontop of my lover/edges blurred

  134. disco is my weakness

  135. avoidance of physical collapse

  136. A crazy dance for my kids when they were little, bouncing off the walls and across table tops. They wet themselves.

  137. Staring at the ladybug with my child but have to pee dance

  138. dancing like my arms are in the air even when they’re not

  139. doing thinking doing

  140. man simply dancing on the street

  141. Toddler dance party

  142. octopus flailing its tentacles

  143. full mooooon howl dance.

  144. fuck you i can do this sweet abandonment

  145. make way for pedestrians when bicycling on the sidewalk

  146. we are a team, remember?

  147. fluid gyration led by the heart

  148. Whirling colors of movement in and out of control, this is my

  149. greeting and getting along

  150. I believe that children are our future

  151. fooling around in the bathtub

  152. love growl dance

  153. anything754.flying by the seat of my pants

  154. ergonomic stretch

  155. playfully torturing my dog Daisy

  156. no one’s around, so I can do what I want

  157. can’t hold it any longer

  158. i’ve tried to carry in all of my heavy bags from the car in one trip

  159. Mississippi mudbut

  160. egg beater, shifting hips back and forth while stirring the batter with my big ivisiblre spoon.

  161. Playing with the Sea Goddess

  162. wiggling for joy

  163. jump around in your room to your favorite band, trying to pretend you’re not sick

  164. taco dance

  165. cliff, big sur, pencil & paper score, grandmother’s ashes, rising tide.

  166. walking down a hall that is way too long with a coworker coming the other way

  167. tired but determined

  168. excorcism of a past wound

  169. sensing connections

  170. angst of waiting

  171. Epic Gratitude Heart Wide Open Joy Dance

  172. overwhelmed and unsure

  173. bust it wide open

  174. aching neck and shoulders

  175. un-schrunching shoulders

  176. Subtle Subway Sway

  177. collapsing ribs

  178. wiggle shuffle want to die

  179. hemorrhoid dance

  180. avoiding going crazy

  181. reconstruction of psycho-a-go-go dance

  182. waiting for the bus

  183. flailing in an attempt to headbang

  184. falling up the stairs

  185. freedom with restrication

  186. Alice Walker Hard TImes Require Furious DAncing Dance

  187. passion tango

  188. above the arctic circle drinking champagne as the sun is always up

  189. dissapearing dance

  190. fuck in half

  191. dance you do while not moving sitting in a chair watching other people dance.

  192. working on growing up

  193. dance of spiders cracking eggs in the rain

  194. kick up your heels and breathe

  195. soul dance

  196. Tahni Tehnia

  197. dance of cannot

  198. dance because it’s expected of you

  199. pee pee

  200. liking Tahni Holt

  201. slow down

  202. a feel good, release energy dance

  203. searching for the right words

  204. broken love-doll robot

  205. mystic spiral

  206. the 9 year old in 1980 Phil Collins

  207. stay away

  208. way too primal for the parents

  209. log in the surf

  210. water the plants

  211. in the middle of a crowd, by accident

  212. holy cow you are dead right here right now

  213. booyashaka jing jing mambo

  214. depressed and searching

  215. xhurch dance

  216. i still think about

  217. Drunker than Hell, I need to stop doing this to myself

  218. maybe this third cup of coffee will help me decide what to do with my life

  219. not so hot at petit allegro but doing it anyway

  220. attempt to mimic Oliver Hardy dance — comic, loose, large but careful

  221. diagonal and sideways zipper

  222. love is holding and also holding back

  223. alone in basement

  224. brain dance

  225. way too fast

  226. I only get to be with my children 3 1/2 days a week, being a single mom hurts so much I want to commit Hari Kari but don’t because their dad is an ass dance

  227. I wanna go home dance

  228. found a meeting place and wont ever leave

  229. realizing I never knew, but it’s better that way

  230. mango chutney

  231. heavy heart

  232. sleeping in

  233. slow printer impatience dance, with imaginary maracas

  234. black swan

  235. free from religion shimmyshake

  236. mint tea drinking

  237. make over take

  238. good to back among okies

  239. widow at a wedding

  240. love feels good

  241. walking past something you wish you had picked up then trying decide whether to go back

  242. walking backwards on the train

  243. jumped out the window the house was on fire dance

  244. breathe and breathe and breathe and stretch

  245. that one move you do where you jump through your leg whilst holdin your other foot…

  246. trying to make serious, honest art, while navigating the absurdity of political correctitude is like the Jishi, Kabuki Lion

  247. i want so much i want nothing

  248. merengue in Mexico under the influence of mezcal

  249. tea with Tahni

  250. Grinding at a barmitzvah

  251. heart pounding with joy

  252. dance with my dad to old r+b on a boombox on a summer night dance

  253. carrying a heavy box up stairs

  254. shake my sillys out

  255. the my grandparents say they won’t help me buy a house because they don’t have much confidence in the direction I’m going with my life dance

  256. shave without the blade

  257. quiet piece for tiny things

  258. concussion pain

  259. the dance after the very last

  260. i never heard this r. kelly song (freaky in the club) before

  261. first time you saw me get like this

  262. fine line between too passionate to fail and too much to handle

  263. naked in a snowstorm

  264. messy flapper

  265. cutting colorful vegetables

  266. I displayed my genitals to a group of young people.

  267. the i’m-free dance

  268. loose in the hinges

  269. i would have made a really great stripper

  270. unexpected and profound

  271. seductive dance for the moon and for me.

  272. tango fandango dance

  273. im going to jump a little to the left a little to the right and then hit the floor like the worm

  274. the “shoot me up” – tapping on your forearm like your finding your vein dance

  275. “the diffuser”… grooving to the tunes with your head bent all the way down, while you play with your hair

  276. everyone but me likes this

  277. stiff shoulder I don’t wanna get close

  278. kill that devil pride

  279. gummy bears and beer

  280. the kind where you just don’t care

  281. if my movements are small enough, they won’t notice I’m dancing

  282. like a hyper 12 yr old girl

  283. it’s okay it’s okay

  284. the side hustle

  285. I just fell in love and planned our future with the stranger on the bus

  286. walking on water on fountain on sidewalk

  287. I’m doing this because it feels good

  288. mini mushroom spotted tears

  289. forward retreat forward retreat stab stab forward retreat i’ll love you from over here

  290. yes yes yes

  291. getting my groove on

  292. left leg twitch, tweak my back out k-fed dance

  293. this snitch is a bitch dance dance

  294. wondering why my floor is shaking so much

  295. sunday’s wash is dripping

  296. Snow

  297. shake it off, shake it off, I’m OK alone

  298. incubating hunch are you alive, you are alive,your husband wrapped a telephone chord around your neck, where are you my friend

  299. inside the light of a leaf

  300. all night in quito apartments cuba libre salsa

  301. wild hay loft spoon playing old time grapevine twist

  302. post trauma glad to be alive spontaneous

  303. magic

  304. bring the noise not the hype

  305. wishing i were blond again

  306. body to blues dance forgetting age loving youth feeling rhythm

  307. should i or should i not

  308. wanting to be young and carefree again

  309. (twitterpated) he is on his way to my house

  310. mourning dance; empty arms, heavy heart

  311. dance of mourning; embracing what is gone, empty arms, heavy heart

  312. falling asleep – twitching until not awake

  313. everybody else is dancing i better dance

  314. wishing you were here

  315. hi I’m river phoenix

  316. butt kicker

  317. i’m small enough to fit into a pocket and be carried around like a found treasure

  318. HO-KO-BO-KO

  319. everyday dance

  320. “hope she notices”

  321. I don’t dance but your so beautiful I’m gonna have to try dance

  322. White rocks (on stage) that represent the crossings of life’s paths literally and metaphorically

  323. woopy woopy

  324. i am in an amusment park

  325. kitchen

  326. get both revved up and calm backstage before a theatrical performance

  327. catatonia

  328. take a little sunshine, put it in your pocket

  329. pulling a bucket of water from a deep well in Africa

  330. mashed potato

  331. experimental, tons of it!

  332. jenerette two-step down in lafayette, louisiana

  333. gotta pee like a racehorse

  334. dance of checking in on things in my room

  335. secret apartment

  336. “Blessing the Congregation”

  337. the “I better dance or I’ll cry” dance

  338. clicking and swirling on office chairs in the east village

  339. dance around the word dance

  340. walking curve of the Portland airport skybridge

  341. I am tired of ego

  342. i’m gonna show you how

  343. my heart is my compass

  344. i drank too much espresso

  345. charlie brown – oh i’m so excited about that

  346. cat is hungry

  347. doing absolutely nothing

  348. jheeeey

  349. eating apples

  350. world’s worst dancer


  352. spontaneous

  353. the moondance

  354. “play like a kid”

  355. pteradactyl dance, in which I was coming down off the best acid trip with my boyfriend who played reverb guitar in college, and I walked home woth the amp strapped to my army pack which mademe walk in this dinosaurish way, gallumphing down to his apt where we didn’t fuck because we didn’t really know how

  356. always making more

  357. writing a resume

  358. getting out of the shower

  359. nose to spite the face

  360. dog humping the air

  361. weight of levity and how hard it is to be free

  362. corporate cubical living is eating my soul zombie

  363. i could kill you/fuck you

  364. noticing my clothes being blown by the wind

  365. nobody’s watching except your best friend and you’re both slightly inebriated and are doing the goofiest things to make each other laugh

  366. look at me/ don’t look at me

  367. delicate balance of personal / professional / aspirational

  368. canard

  369. doing the salsa with an affable whore in Neiva (Colombia)

  370. doing the salsa with an affable whore in Neiva (Colombia) in 1969

  371. eyes squeezed shut arms in the air

  372. rocks against my head

  373. being stared at by child-adults stoned and scared with a basketball

  374. eyes closed, hoodie up, “here’s our chance to dance our way / out of our constrictions (feet don’t fail me now)

  375. The “I can’t wait to see him again”

  376. why do I never dance

  377. visiting this site and adding a dance dance dance

  378. This is what I was made to do; Shimmy Shimmy

  379. almost got it but never really inhabited it fully or found the right sound, liked the costume,but otherwise like Moby Dick it’s the one that got away.

  380. untangle my birds nest

  381. extra silly heart not quite in it dance with a room full of toddlers wishing they would play Beyonce instead of Raffi

  382. joyful dance with uncertainty..being here now!

  383. launching prodigals

  384. poverty slam

  385. awkward teen beginner’s ballet class with my Mom (who can)

  386. nervous make-believe

  387. if I had to walk in ballet poses

  388. yes please

  389. puppy dog shuffle

  390. drunkeninspiredmambosolo

  391. whoa, hey, I’m still here

  392. Huge Festival Crowds dance developed/learned/practiced over many years at Bumbershoot arts fest in Seattle; sprinting, squeezing, sidling,pausing, eye-mapping, sideways shuffling, backway, front stepping, Fun-Foresting across acres of humanity to reach that far-flung stage promising this year’s chance at the sublime /ridiculous/toe-tapping happening like The Buttrock Suites

  393. how do I become untrapped

  394. coughing so much it hurts my ribs

  395. the “search for something truly inspiring” dance as opposed to my usual “sad things are as shallow as I hoped they weren’t”

  396. gomer pyle

  397. get me out of here

  398. gratitude

  399. jeez, I need to move around more

  400. i didn’t know her well and now i never will

  401. i had this obsession at 10 years old or so with getting down a turn with hip/leg fully flexed (you hold it above your head) where I took it all the way into the splits:) (completely impossible & very funny to realize:))

  402. my friend just died I can’t believe it

  403. dying dog dance, the essence of my old dog Gus swooshes into my body his legs in my arms&legs his head in my head away we go me dancing him he dancing me

  404. I got a new bike

  405. trying to catch something i just dropped on my foot to keep it from hitting the floor too hard

  406. I smell good

  407. these broken damn shoes on this damn concrete

  408. geez I need to pee

  409. opening and sorting the mail

  410. opening the mail

  411. elephant in the room

  412. two kids, wife busy business

  413. Elegancy of the Walz

  414. my half-drunk-on-red-wine, with bjork music playing, in my kitchen, in private, more graceful than if i were on a stage

  415. hi

  416. anxious am I doing this right

  417. pivoting from the sink to the cutting board, vegetables in hand

  418. noodle. (a variation of early break dancing)

  419. funny

  420. twitch

  421. hop from the van, spin, shut door with foot


  423. anything you do has my heart, and I met you so softly you could not hear my attraction but I’m such a fool for this newfound crush, I can feel the earth spin

  424. anything you do has my heart, and I met you so softly you could not hear my attraction

  425. anything you do has my heart, and I met you softly

  426. anything you do has my heart

  427. citrinitas

  428. shut up and dance

  429. making fun of the superiority dance

  430. meow

  431. wake up with regret and sweet cream

  432. go to hospital, split in two, go home a mother

  433. sweaty soul makeout with a stranger even though I have a boyfriend

  434. baby dear, just born

  435. no one is watching, pretend i am 5 years old

  436. rolling around on the ground in filth and crawling between legs

  437. pinky thumb tigerclaw

  438. pinky thumb tigerclaw look back receive candy slap leg ward away the devil and chant

  439. hovering around the stovetop

  440. sad i am crying and don’t know how to go on

  441. on my own again angry and strong

  442. where-are-my-fucking-KEYS

  443. if only i had a space and a harpsichordist to play bach for me

  444. sidestep the truth

  445. tick-bit girl

  446. nothing

  447. 7th grade cotillion

  448. spin until you drop

  449. hang the saucepan carefully

  450. wearing a showercap while feeding the cat

  451. legs of lead

  452. menstruation

  453. the sphere of energy shared with a friend

  454. swoon at the moon

  455. a disco competition to Donna Summer’s last

  456. mexican congo zombification

  457. falling down

  458. it’s a nice day let’s go out and play

  459. dance everyday as a creative act

  460. ascending timeless

  461. post performance pained sleep

  462. relationship between this and that, how do they talk to each other, influence each other

  463. didn’t realize what I said was completely wrong, so I will distract you with my goofiness

  464. cartop coffee safe arrival home

  465. DILLOM

  466. i got drunk and danced and reinjured my sprained knee

  467. flooding the basement with love

  468. Finding out Tahni Holt is still as adorable and outgoing as she was in high school

  469. Elaine Benes from Sienfeld

  470. dancy

  471. i hate you, don’t leave me

  472. how did I end up as this adult

  473. i don’t want to change another poopy diaper

  474. naked

  475. To the north, to the north, to the north in goneness I dance homeward.

  476. michael jackson

  477. hugging my grandma a few extra moments in case it is the last time

  478. the “open”

  479. art has ruined my life

  480. yummy food

  481. this is my story (the one i kinda have to tell)

  482. we fought in so many ways

  483. giving of myself without giving myself away

  484. iamtired

  485. i’m getting married today

  486. in-the-now-or-never live dance

  487. skipping 30 year old

  488. I don’t get to MOVE enough

  489. slide through the sheets

  490. moshpit

  491. pregnant belly striptease

  492. molecule

  493. running in the czech woods

  494. the post piss willies dance….you know the one.

  495. funk

  496. sfdf

  497. adfw

  498. oh, that one time when i was i was 7 at the lake of the ozarks clog type dance with overalls jean skirt outfit and perm

  499. scratch your eyeball

  500. getting rid of my 5-year-old’s stir-crazies to the tune of No Doubt

  501. reviving power of dance

  502. word

  503. moving, sexing, complicated

  504. little danceroo

  505. last scene closes

  506. this-is-all-i-can-afford-for-our-anniversary

  507. my neck is stiff but my soul feels good

  508. cleaning my room

  509. acting like a giant over the grade school water fountain

  510. cant feel my legs yet dance oh there they are

  511. sneaky car dance when no one is looking

  512. cramps

  513. i am

  514. white girls CAN dance

  515. go

  516. making Matthias laugh

  517. going through every song in itunes/ inner

  518. ancestor’s

  519. feeling all the little muscles you’ve forgotten

  520. OMFG

  521. providing on outlet for openness and centered excitement through

  522. hangover shakeover

  523. cha cha cha

  524. had one too many

  525. dance to avoid talking to people

  526. pleasure to: seek, listen, stay in, undertand to an almost unstainable point the internal impulses, tugs, demands, heat, vibrations accompanied by emotional exposure. that is my

  527. this friday is just to long

  528. primal

  529. I closed my eyes

  530. leaping like an elephant

  531. meeting a Francis Bacon painting in a crowded museum

  532. bored with everything, everyone

  533. ?

  534. struggle to kick an addiction

  535. twitching in my seat, this dance is so good

  536. out of necessity

  537. i just got a letter

  538. vacuuming

  539. aggressively passive

  540. hippie chick

  541. iuhh

  542. kitty thinks my feet are prey

  543. what are you doing daddy?

  544. dance that only exists in dressing rooms

  545. wooden floor tap

  546. i wish i could kick higher

  547. reaching for something that has always been within

  548. underwater

  549. fake

  550. break


  552. I have to pee

  553. Every move I make… in striving for ulitmate harmony

  554. on going gestures, glides and slides of life

  555. “danse molle”

  556. I can’t wait any longer

  557. new bike shoulder scrunch

  558. moving only one joint

  559. i love you get out of my head

  560. naked vacuuming

  561. get it started, already, party

  562. sporting those feather earrings

  563. brandi alexander

  564. expectation

  565. fuck i am out of shape

  566. scratching bug bites

  567. deelay ceelay

  568. uncomfortable, don’t want to be here, don’t feel pretty, don’t look at me

  569. omg – that is a GIANT cockroach!

  570. you can put crazy toppings on your pizza

  571. i am really not alone

  572. alone in my kitchen with joy

  573. loud

  574. necessity

  575. humpin n bump bad lambadda

  576. ragdoll dance

  577. dream operator circa 1990 by keith v. goodman

  578. finger snake

  579. Potty

  580. i still got it

  581. leaping against the walls slapping the cieling with glee

  582. grim fandango

  583. ross angeles shuffle

  584. never ending attempt to arrive

  585. battuta angriff

  586. clacker in a clown suit

  587. ghost electricity howls on the bones of her face

  588. pack unpack repack move

  589. contrived dance

  590. make the baby laugh makes me laugh

  591. lost the baby ,now in the hospital parking lot

  592. bad shoes/zen

  593. startrek = starwars = forever

  594. pms dance

  595. waking up and wondering what’s going to happen next

  596. i feel guilty

  597. i am in love with you and i know i shouldn’t be

  598. tip-toe-twirl on the edge of the world

  599. pigfoot

  600. summer´s here & feels sooooooooo good

  601. you make me think i have good news

  602. drop down and get your eagle on

  603. happy food

  604. light and in all directions

  605. building a circle

  606. dig deep down and throw it up

  607. he moves through me deep, intense..im alive

  608. coughing really hard

  609. inside out

  610. tempheh reuben

  611. throw it out and grab it back

  612. torches of fire

  613. Jerash: Performed in Jordan at an arts festival in 1983

  614. recumbent bike dance

  615. girlfriends feet on top of my feet

  616. event space

  617. anything YES, YES, YES

  618. stagnating

  619. makin bacon

  620. reliving and learning

  621. fawn

  622. everything

  623. stuck in place

  624. ackward make fun of yourself

  625. rowchick

  626. awake and tired

  627. socks on smooth floor

  628. in my kitchen, thinking of you

  629. air is my skin

  630. shivering on the sidewalk watching tahni’s

  631. laughing crying screaming freedom restraint

  632. being like water

  633. boarding pass

  634. cold footed linoleum floor

  635. sweaty, beating, percussive

  636. shake it

  637. love

  638. tree


  640. trying to impress a girl who knows I cant dance

  641. carrying too many heavy things too far

  642. riding my bike

  643. it looked better in my mind

  644. Whirling, stomping, whisking across the floor in a firm embrace and laughing all the way!

  645. koyaanisqatsihands

  646. wanting antarctic

  647. tumbleweed downstairs laundry overload

  648. death to all those who would whimper and cry

  649. I used to do ballet

  650. can’t believe no one’s said “safety”

  651. something in the way you move

  652. cannot decide between life or death this morning

  653. baby please close your eyes

  654. antarctic

  655. dissertation

  656. soft spiritual cheerleading turning into possession casual party

  657. wrong job because it’s not stressful

  658. somnambulence

  659. stiff neck

  660. lymphopotmus

  661. laborous excitement

  662. head weaving to watch and follow the beauty of a cardinal

  663. keeping my head on my shoulders

  664. impatient with websites that don’t immediately show me what I want to see

  665. is it dental hugiene or is it death?

  666. family/work

  667. mediation

  668. what the hell is brand voice

  669. I’ve been work’n on the railroad

  670. eyelash dance

  671. skating on ice

  672. important thing is to love

  673. Rimsky’s skating

  674. peepee dance

  675. painting a 14 foot ceiling w/ extention pole

  676. the consensual ass kicking dance – left, right, left, right, Left

  677. floating

  678. can’t get out of bed

  679. new /old surroundings

  680. martini shaker

  681. a friendship forged in CanCun :)

  682. absent and present and absent and present

  683. knocking my knee, bruise

  684. as still as possible

  685. floor modeler

  686. yearning for more dance

  687. blue monday sprinkler

  688. gggggrrrrRRROOOOOWWWWWRRRrrrrr

  689. gggggrrrrRRROOOOOWWWWWRRRrrrrr let’s fuck already,

  690. picking up fallen writing insturments involving an explitive followed by medative crouching

  691. alone in my zone

  692. X Men claws up the spine

  693. molly ringwald

  694. space walk boogie

  695. will never live this down

  696. gracefully bumbling my way through life

  697. make it stick limbo dance

  698. finding my way home

  699. the changing and flowering dance, late, but not “never”

  700. remembering this differently

  701. My daily NY walk –slipping between the leans and sways of those sharing my sidewalk

  702. bap bada!

  703. falling roughly

  704. in between

  705. I move through the wind, and the wind moves through me

  706. w/ david bowie (every night) in red

  707. I can see my bone, I cut so deep

  708. walking down the hall

  709. world is my oyster

  710. the repellant dance, though I forget how it goes

  711. on a lover’s singing voice in the desert

  712. trying to flirt

  713. learning, unlearning, relearning

  714. Two step

  715. i’m juiced up

  716. surrender to the sweetness

  717. concrete floor in my vertebrae

  718. i gotta pee, and i can’t get across the street because of traffic

  719. carnaval free pleasurable

  720. i finally got off the plane!

  721. where do i go from here

  722. booty shake!!!

  723. worship

  724. when is my girl coming home

  725. anything nothing

  726. children of the world

  727. happy to see you

  728. sunday morning dusting dance

  729. endless ocean endless sky

  730. shuffle with wet feet on a towel carrying a teakettle with steam coming out

  731. eggshell

  732. my pet dog likes to

  733. toucan

  734. um and that yes

  735. getting out of my chair slowly and then falling back down, my limbs made unremarked and felicitous music

  736. cut it out

  737. fawm

  738. suprise cut myself while slicing bread, and it may be bad, but too scared to look yet

  739. feeling life in the belly of my being

  740. its the end of the day and i haven’t danced yet

  741. piling my head with my to do list

  742. i just got laid

  743. a wednesday, have to get out of bed

  744. around the kitchen makin’ love

  745. can’t sleep, loud wind full moon, can’t sleep

  746. walking down the hall and back

  747. did I scare you because I scared myself

  748. feels good but doesn’t look good dance

  749. i just had the best meal of my life

  750. shifting self identification

  751. denial

  752. whipping cream

  753. being better me

  754. happy stomping and jumping in your place

  755. mom-constantly-distracted

  756. the dance between feeling ‘loved’ and ‘not loved’

  757. elephant in your pants laughing hysterical

  758. walking on an empty stomach

  759. i’m about to getmesome

  760. it’s all so clear to me now

  761. bend way back

  762. the egg beaters

  763. at weddings, the robot dance.

  764. losing yourself in love

  765. I can’t stand people who can’t laugh at themselves

  766. early labor get-this-baby-out-of-me

  767. limp tongue and scratchy fingers, grumbly belly and angry legs

  768. ooff

  769. sesame street frolic w/flexible hips

  770. first time dancing to prince with my mom

  771. clean snow off and out

  772. the if I don’t dance I will be numb

  773. my family bites each other

  774. empty grocery store isle with my lover and can’t remember what we’re shopping for so let’s dance

  775. ancestral pride

  776. shalanga-lang

  777. in love with your ex

  778. I’m bad because I just ate a hot dog dance

  779. question

  780. i can see your lying and you can see that i can see your lying dance

  781. g

  782. mustard

  783. going to somewhere?

  784. # here here now now dance #

  785. the paint’s alive

  786. here here now now dance

  787. snowed-in dance

  788. right leg kick front then back, steam engine arms, balance and jump

  789. tired of death

  790. butterfly in my stomach dance

  791. sexy

  792. deny

  793. am i being ironic or am i actually hitting on you

  794. loving the legs

  795. walk like you mean it

  796. walk like you really mean it

  797. booty

  798. lonely in a cloud

  799. tit

  800. morning sickness shuffle

  801. release the tension shake-down

  802. pretending you can’t see, knowing you can

  803. darkeness increased, i’m sick, i’m sick, i’m sick; it is a horrifying

  804. crazy arm flailing, thom yorke crossed with michael stipe

  805. i’m in my living room and I can dance however I want to

  806. moment of utter release

  807. please fuck me after we do the disco dance of death/life

  808. craigslist addict

  809. i’m alone in my room playing a ukulele and pretending to be a rock star

  810. evolution of adam and eve

  811. too much coffee dance

  812. so low you rip your jeans

  813. kissing the sweat off of your neck

  814. juggling romance, love, and inspiratrion

  815. Molly Ringwald Carpet Dance

  816. bottomless pow slash dance

  817. re-live last night

  818. relieved that the storm is over

  819. skeleton

  820. we win the battle as long as my arms are raised to the heavens

  821. (waiting for the) bus dance

  822. orange

  823. default dance (oddly for me, jogging in place)

  824. mourning

  825. faking it till it becomes real

  826. i stepped on something mysterious and gross

  827. I survived the day dance

  828. the dance of get up and go scurry and settle down, burrow in and nourish, connect and commune, give give give recievcievciev

  829. it starts at my hips and i can’t stop it

  830. meeting a new person dance

  831. right here in the center, movement began

  832. broken ankle hop and crutch

  833. two headed: nice person/rage

  834. drop, look, hand

  835. stepping into liquid

  836. giddy and happy just before i come down with a cold

  837. boogie nation

  838. an incredible talent

  839. p-funk – flashlight, the mothership connection

  840. get it all out

  841. i have never felt so free

  842. excited grinning jumpy

  843. are you kidding me?! this is SO GREAT

  844. if i stop dancing the world will blow up

  845. lost in manila

  846. I’ve lost it…dance

  847. borderline

  848. really it all seems like a dance, especially when you notice it

  849. trying to dance like that girl across the room

  850. healing

  851. I really don’t want to be dancing right now

  852. bouncing the crying baby

  853. burst of light

  854. sun

  855. the chameleon

  856. geez I need to pee

  857. make the coffee

  858. waltz of the charm school instructor of the Bride of Frankstein

  859. burping

  860. the dance of waiting to dance

  861. floating through deep powder

  862. sometimes you hold it together so long you actually think you’re okay but then one evening your chest sinks through the floor and all you have left is the dance you just danced

  863. i can’t dance

  864. wake up and stretch like a kitty cat

  865. avoidance

  866. Sevilla Buddha Bar

  867. listen to your cold bones

  868. feeling more like i do now than i did when i got here

  869. bored

  870. I am terrified and shaking

  871. happy

  872. waiting for tri-met

  873. asleep/awake bike in a trance

  874. wet noodle popsicle

  875. accidental tammy faye bakker memorial

  876. eating real good food

  877. bathroom is full

  878. “potty position!” (like second position in ballet with hands on knees and pelvic thrusts while counting “one..two!”) followed by the “Solid Gold!” opening dance from the 70’s

  879. chronic tv

  880. splendour

  881. anything but safety

  882. Now missing Maracas being shaken by a jerky and malfuctioning showbiz pizza robot

  883. Invisible maracss being shaken by a broken showbiz pizza robot

  884. starburst

  885. my feet still reside at the bottom of my legs

  886. fucking

  887. can never jump enough

  888. I don’t speak your language but I can still dance with you

  889. listening to the tomato sliding across my breast

  890. cloud geometry in technicolor

  891. new pants

  892. she said I am a spastic dancer

  893. climbing an apple tree and reaching

  894. gazing across the room spiraling around each other until we touch

  895. spunky no time

  896. stevie nicks

  897. spontaneous release of flesh and bone in a moon lite

  898. i miss adam

  899. dreamy etheral

  900. what’s over the rainbow

  901. backbend

  902. fast & fierce

  903. arrow of light

  904. pushing through water

  905. sfffsfsf

  906. ohmygod

  907. i am sitting

  908. awkward moments

  909. string

  910. dance till you fall to the floor

  911. i have never danced in my adult life until now

  912. i’m sure we can find a way to get a little bit closer

  913. I learned it from my “crazy” uncle and now I repeat it because I’m about to become the “crazy” uncle

  914. flying by the seat of my pants

  915. sucking my stomach in

  916. flying down the hill with the wind on my face

  917. it made my hair fly

  918. blowing your dress up over the heater

  919. want to be a runner

  920. misdirected

  921. one with words from my past that were believed to be a poets

  922. no dancing

  923. slow, tired, anxious, crawl up and hands reaching

  924. my jeans just got out of the dryer and they are too tight

  925. it made my hair fly

  926. today is going to be a better day

  927. poodle

  928. monologue

  929. sitting at my desk in my office listening to jamming music

  930. i am so in love dance with the sit on top

  931. naked goat

  932. no one’s home

  933. the liquidity of identity dance

  934. skank is the animalistic warrior unleashed

  935. not thinking what im thinking while i watch you

  936. happy-to-be-eating-this-really-good-food

  937. second thoughts about her

  938. dance you can’t

  939. waking the body

  940. rusty zipper

  941. music is too loud but I really want to talk and connect with you

  942. I wont eat 5 ice cream sandwiches today

  943. morracan breakdancers teaching moves

  944. i am not in love with him anymore

  945. she’s so hot- i want her to think i’m hot

  946. puppytwist

  947. oops-i-crapped-my-pants (true story)

  948. so excited, can’t do anything else but dance

  949. out dance a crazy girl hogging the floor

  950. wiggle-butt

  951. trying to catch the feral cats

  952. angry faced morning

  953. the need to make Leigh laugh

  954. riding in the most beautiful morning and losing my breath in it

  955. fill in the blank

  956. prom, trying-to-not-get-a-boner

  957. seperate body pary simultaneous

  958. buried under a memory of happiness

  959. where am i going

  960. soulcessation

  961. trouble

  962. sick to my stomach I love you that much

  963. grandfather death

  964. Pat Benetar “we are young no one can tell us we’re wrong”

  965. mega soul crusher