A list is being compiled of your movement through the world in your words. You are not alone. I am asking every visitor to my site to take a moment and send along a sentence that describes a dance you have done in your life.

the / a dance

  1. almost silent, skirted by magazines

  2. painful

  3. connexion with an african root

  4. applying to college

  5. scared shitless everyone think I’m not good enough but do it anyway

  6. swing around the pole

  7. trying to imitate what the **** my upstairs neighbors must be doing to make that noise

  8. Anime with hentai

  9. This ice is slippery

  10. liquid spacial illusion

  11. tap into that deep despair dance, but really all I want to do is the robot

  12. born honey smoke

  13. Break the floor

  14. I’m turning on my lover

  15. fuck I had a panic attack after that solo

  16. anxiety shuffle

  17. I totally fucked up publicaly and had to deal with the crisis of feeling ostracized as opposed to interrogating the oppression they were accusing me of