island desk: my teeny tiny knowledge of nothing

In collaboration with Marty Schnapf

Performed in entirety or excerpted: On The Boards/Seattle, WA. (2006), Disjecta Art Center/Portland, OR. (2006), WW University Ving Theater/Bellingham, WA. (2005), Drop Collective/Boise, ID. (2005), Charged Conduit Studio/Portland, OR. (2005), Ten Tiny Dances/Portland, OR. (2005), Ten Tiny Dances/Seattle, WA. (2005)

Island Desk: my teeny tiny knowledge of nothing, follows the experiences, observations and fantasies of a woman at odds with the rigidity of her corporate office environment. Powerless and misunderstood in her attempts to retreat from the situation, she finds solace in the unspoken inner-struggles of her coworkers. Desks become islands and oceans become cubicles as she navigates the ever-changing terrain of virtual and real space around her.
Movable walls change perspective five times with the water cooler acting as the pivotal point. Each time the walls change the scene starts all over again, like a ten minute section of a day in a five day work week. The audience spins without spinning and is forced to literally face themselves in the mirrored wall when one wall lands directly in front of the first row.

This work was created with musician Brent Knopf of Menomena, performers: Daniel Addy, Angelle Hebert, Dawn Joella Jackson and Emily Stone, media artist Emily Bulfin, costume designer Jayme Hansen and lighting designer Walter Kilmer with technical direction by Malina Rodriquez

This work was made possible through a Regional Arts and Cultural Council Grant along with a ConduitDance space grant. It was commissioned by On The Boards (2006) and Disjecta (2006). With Further in-kind support from PICA and W+K.