information studio

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In Collaboration with sound artist Tom Thorson.

Performed: Portland State University Smith Hall Student Union/Portland, OR. (2008)

There are four of you. There are four of you with head-sets on in a small room in Smith Hall as PSU. You are listening to directions given over the headphones and you are doing them to the best of your ability. You are the audience. You are the performer. No one is watching except you. No one is performing except you and the other three people who are sharing this session with you. You are being videoed so that you can visualize your experience.

Information Studio is part DDR and part movement karaoke. The score reflects upon movements that are contained within Smith Hall. This includes movement generated based on the architecture, movement created through social networks and activities and movement defined as the exchange of ideas.

Information Studio was created during a month long residency at PSU. This work was created with lighting designer Jess Bollaert and videographer Dick Dahl with assistance from Forrest Loder and performers: Leigh Adamson, Daniel Addy, Juline Alexander,Katy Asher, Linda Austin, Sonya Barker, Chuck Barnes, Jane Beebe, James Bird, Jamie Bluhm, Kelsey Bunker, Brett Cambell, Jen Camin, Autumn Campbell, David Chandler, Paige Craig, Summer Cranford, Isa Dean, Michael Dempsey, Nora Diver, Erin Boberg Doughton, Sare Eastman, Thomas Eddleman, Ashley Edwards, Becca Ellis, Mathew Ellis, Ivy Entrekin, Erik Everson, Sarah Farrell, Ken Finney, Elizabeth Fitzgearld, Kristen Flemington, Elias Foley, Jeff Forbes, Beth Gates, Lily Gail, Julie Hammond, Lynn Harritt, Liz Hayden, Stephen Hayes, Craig Holt, Patty Holt, Chris Hudson, Kamla Hurst, Jorg Jakoby, Orion Janeczeki, Linda K. Johnson, Julie Katch, Delaney Kelly, Kathleen Keogh, Mathew King, Brent Knopf, Kimba Kuzas, Marci Le Brun, Jack Lewis, Lois Leveen, Forrest Loder, Matt Marble, Mack McFarland, Jim McGinn, Vinh Nguyen, Theda Orlando, Randi Orth, John Paolilla, Melissa Pomeroy, Shanta Prescott, Levi Query, Toby Query, Alicia Rose, Rikki Rothenberg, Sid Rothstein, Darian Santner, Jeff Scott, Brooke Yadon-Spens, Erin Spens, Robyn Spens, Heather Stoken, David Swords, Alexis Thompson, Joel Thorson, La June Thorson, Tom Thorson, Jerry Tischleder, Bonnie Stanfill, Erik Stanfill, Noelle Stiles, Heather Wisner, Jeffery Wright, Mark Yamagishi, Neola Young and Carole Zoom. With videographer Dicky Dahl.

This program was made possible through the PSU Smith Memorial Student Union Public Art + Residency Projects: State of Oregon Percent for Art Program