In-Site: Saturday Performance Series

Sculptural Installation by Karl Burkheimer at Disjecta:

March 5th: Tahni Holt with Richard Decker, Sally Garrido-Spencer, Noelle Stiles, Robert Tyree and Noelle Stiles. Sound by Tom Thorson.

March 12th: Kathleen Keogh

March 19th: Linda Austin with Jin Camou, Keyon Gaskin and Danielle Ross.

Each have been asked to respond to the altered space through an improvisational form. In this context, curation is used as a framework for each of the artists to individually strategize and activate exactly what ‘respond’ means and to what they are responding. It also gives them autonomy to invite other performers and musicians to join them.  As individual artists, they have all worked in site specificity as means of producing information and, from the performer’s and viewer’s point of view, have used their bodies with place to construct different ways of seeing. In these Saturday performances nothing is taken for granted. A shift in the ordinary changes all relations. Shifting the ordinary does not inherently mean extraordinary but there is great potential.