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FLOCK’s website


FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists. FLOCK re-imagines methods of economic sustainability in the performing arts community. It provides an accessible creative hub where the most urgent contemporary issues take shape in both choreographic works and educational engagements. FLOCK rethinks ways of being together while committed to plural identities, a place in perpetual motion that is shaped by the artists involved and the projects that it works to defend. FLOCK is a dynamic incubator for risky creative endeavors that radically impacts the ecology of the Portland dance and art communities.


FLOCK offers two distinct programs: Membership and Education. Each of these programs nurtures a generous community spirit. Sharing space, information and inspiration bolsters the autonomy of artists’ individualized practices while building community.


The Membership Program provides a committed studio home to eight of Portland’s most driven and innovative contemporary dance makers at one time. Current members include: Kaj-anne Pepper, Lu Yim, Allie Hankins, Danielle Ross, Suniti Dernovsek, Deanna Carlson and Eliza Larson along with Executive Director Tahni Holt.


The vision of FLOCK is to serve as Portland’s leading center of adventurous contemporary dance. This aim is arrived at by three pursuits. First,  FLOCK supports artists in deepening their investment to studio practice as well as engage and dialogue with a community of colleagues. Next, FLOCK presents a platform for critical voices in Portland—and outstanding voices from beyond—to share, gain and build knowledge and dialogues around contemporary dance. Finally, as not-for-profit organization, FLOCK relieves dance makers from some of the financial burden associated with an ongoing studio practice. In these three ways, we support the Portland dance community in growth and creation.


On March 1st we open our doors, in the heart of North Portland, at 8371 N Interstate-studio 4. We are housed in Disjecta Contemporary Art Center with 1600 Sq. Ft. of beautiful hard wood danceable floor.