event space

Performed: Ace hotel’s event space/Portland, OR.(2009)

.event.space. ruminates on our voyeuristic tendencies in our everyday lives and how these tendencies manifest in modes of architecture and technology. The performance takes place on the inside. The audience takes place on the outside, watching experiments or scenes, unfold through the screens or windows or microscopic lenses of the performance space.
Through the use of home computers, digital cameras and video cameras most of us experience the documentation of time through a screen of some sort or another. .event.space. reclaims real time experience yet through the lens of the modern world: Transparency and technology. Using methods of technology without actually deploying them .event.space. plays with fast-forwarding, rewinding and slow motioning.  Light waves are made visible. lighting plots are powered by human form, colored animation arises amidst black and white, and a song split in thirds becomes a place keeper of time.

This work was created with performers: Sally Garrido-Spencer, Julie Katch, Suzanne Chi, Thomas Thorson, Robert Tyree, Amanda Morrison, Chane Gilbert, Nancy Ellis, Lindsey Lester, Dawn Tuman Impellizzeri, Lucie Bonvalet and Vanessa Vogel, lighting design: Malina Rodriquez,  music: Thomas Thorson, set construction: John Bacone and Dave Impellizzeri.

This work was made possible through a grant from RACC and generously sponsored by: The Ace Hotel, The North Star Ballroom, Patty and Craig Holt, Jean and Gail Haakinson, Levi Query, Daniel Deutsch, Nancy and George Thorn, Karen and Ron Query and Jane Beebe.

Video by Dicky Dahl.