endless ocean endless sky

In collaboration with San Francisco-based architect Andrew Kudless and much assistance from Eugenie Frerichs.

Beautiful silk screened posters are available through: Sean Barrett

Performed: Pacific Northwest College of Art/Portland, OR. (2007), Fusebox Festival/Austin, TX. (2008)

Chapter 54:
I dreamt of a performance.
The Audience was huddled on a snow bank.
There was an iceberg.
There was a largest sound. A something is dying sound, a ripping apart sound, an I can’t see you sound.
There was the crystal ice that fell from a hundred feet above that broke from the iceberg sound. There was the rippling of blue where the ice entered the water sound, a beautiful echo. Reminding me of sound waves made 3D.
What was one was now made into two. The audience gave a standing ovation.

endless ocean endless sky is a performance about many things. It is told in 100 chapters, or in 100 moments of information. This information takes shape through movement. This information takes shape through light. It takes shape through sound, through video, and it takes shape through architecture.

There is a boy, there are birds, there is an airplane, an inflatable iceberg, there is hypothermia and hyperventilation. There is a story, but not one the audience will recognize. The story is the audience and what the audience experiences. The story is an experiment that is contained within a laboratory. This laboratory creates external space and internal space. This is done within contained spaces within contained spaces within contained spaces.

This work was created with performers: Eugénie Frerichs-who helped form the words around the project as well as perform, Sonya Barker, Daniel Addy, lighting designer and technical director: Malina Rodriguez, media artists: Chris Larson, Brandon Zaab (Ohio), Ronnie Parsons (New York), sound score: Tom Thorson and costume designer: Emily Ryan, with help from Chris Rhodes, Daryl Freier, Marty Schnapf, photographer Daniel Sharp, Elizabeth Massa-McLeod, Sam Perkins, john Bacone, Jess Bollaert and Sean Barrett.

This work was made possible through a grant from Regional Art and Culture Council and an Individual Artist Fellowship from Oregon Arts Commission with sponsorship from Pacific NW College of Art.

Video by Dicky Dahl.