apples & pomegranates


FREE // A Day in Paradise //
Hope you can join me October 24th at 1pm and 3pm for a 20 minute solo. I am but one of many things happening that day in and around PAM as part of Fallen Fruit’s A Day in Paradise.

apples & pomegranates might build on the mythological idea of Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden (there might be a moment of this). It is a solo dance performance that walks the fault line between rejected female stereotypes and embodied expression (it might do this too), wrestling with first impressions, assumptions and associations, motherhood, sensationalism, emotionality, sexuality, connectivity, familial relationships, an image/time­bound body, and the body in the present moment. Sound Score and technical support by Luke Wyland

Other artists include: Natalie Ball, Bruce Conkle, Bill Cravis, Horatio Law, Aaron Lish, Jess Perlitz, DeAngelo Raines and Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young).