Tahni Holt is a choreographer, teacher, curator and organizer based in Portland, OR. who has been creating performances for the past 18 years. She is deeply invested in the ecology of her field.

Her creative practice follows her curiosities by asking questions that demand rigorous specificity yet remain open to a terrain of inquiry – inviting rather than prescribing interpretation. She actively uses her intuition, improvisational forms, collaborations with the performers, her on-going somatic practice and any other thing that she obsesses about to create work.

She is fascinated with how an audience sees to what a performer does and is always trying to keep the complexity of this relationship. Is it possible to create a performance that insists on being experienced through multiple and conflicting lenses at once?

In regards to her choreography her work has been presented throughout the United States, at On The Boards (Seattle), Fusebox Festival (Austin), The Lucky Penny (Atlanta), and PICA’s TBA Festival (Portland) to name a few. In 2010 Holt was curated into the PORTLAND 2010 Biennial and is an Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship awardee (2007). She has had the pleasure of being an artist-in-residence most recently at Caldera, as well as Anchorage, Boise, Atlanta, Walla Walla, Austria, France, Greece and, in 2013, Romania, with Bucharest choreographer Madalina Dan, funded through the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts. She is honored to be a 2014-2015 NDP Touring Award recipient for Duet Love, which toured to Velocity Dance (Seattle), Pica’s TBA Festival and DiverseWorks(Houston).

This past year Holt received the Barney Award from White Bird Dance. The award commissions her latest work, Sensation/Disorientation, to premier in the winter of 2017.

As a performer she has worked with Deborah Hay’s solo commissioning project and danced for Miguel Gutierrez’s performance of Freedom of Information.

Along with dance making she is Artistic Director of FLOCK, a center for experimental dance in Portland, OR. to learn more please go to: www.flockpdx.squarespace.com

Impersonal (artist cv)




Duet Love / April – Atlanta Duet Love / Diverse Works / Houston


Duet Love / September -Velocity Dance Center / Seattle Duet Love / September -TBA PICA / Portland

In-Site / August – Seattle


Sensation Emotion / with Madalina Dan / Zona D / Bucharest, Romania


SUN$HINE / BodyVox Dance Center / Portland

Artist Talk / Portland Art Museum

SUN$HINE / Northwest New Works Festival / Seattle + Movement Research at Judson / NYC


Untitled is a choice / Headlands solo 1 festival + the Lucky Penny / Atlanta

SUN$HINE in progress showing / Marylhurst Art Gym / Marylhurst

SUNSHINE art object / Movement Research Festival / New York City


CULTURE MACHINE / Disjecta Arts Center/ Portland

Here Now /open flight space/ Seattle

CULTURE MACHINE (in progress) / PORTLAND2010 Biennial

The Gravediggers with Elizabeth Ward / Dance Truck / Atlanta


Transformers by Eszter Salamon / ImPulstanz / Vienna, Austria

.EVENT.SPACE / Ace Hotel event space / Portland

The Gravediggers with Elizabeth Ward / Pa-f / St. Erme, France.


Freedom of Information by Miguel Guitierrez / PWNW / Portland

Information Studio / PSU Residency / Portland

Endless Ocean with Andrew Kudless / Fusebox Festival / Austin


The Party Project / SOWA Residency / Portland

Endless Ocean with Andrew Kudless / PNCA / Portland

I am a bomb / RAKE Gallery / Portland

The Swallows with Marty Schnapf / Stumptown Café / Portland

Room / Reed College RAW Art Week / Portland + Fusebox Festival / Austin

Passing out Heart Game with Emily Bulfin / RAW Art Week + PDX Film Fest / Portland

25 Dances lecture/ Lewis and Clark College / Portland + Drop Collective / Boise


Room / PICA’s TBA Festival / Portland

The Swells with Marty Schnapf / Reed College RAW Art Week / Portland

Island Desk with Marty Schnapf / On The Boards / Seattle + Disjecta Art Center / Portland


Island Desk solo / Ving Theater / Bellingham + Drop Collective / Boise

Island Desk Duet / Crow Bar / Seattle


Under an Hour with Marty Schnapf / PICA’s TBA Festival / Portland

Under an Hour with Marty Schnapf / On The Board’s NWNW’s + Bumbershoot / Seattle

The Events Preceding with Marty Schnapf / PDX Cont. Gallery /Portland




White Bird Commission-Barney Award: next work

Co-commission by PICA + Velocity Dance Center: Duet Love

Caldera Artist Residency

Individual Project Grant (RACC): Sensation Emotion part 2

Professional Development Grant (RACC)



Artistne(s)t Residency in Romania for US choreographers (Bucharest)

National Dance Project Touring Award: Duet Love


Individual Project Grant (RACC): SUN$HINE


The Drachma Project Residency (Athens, Greece)

Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant

University of Alaska Residency (Anchorage)

Balance Dance Residency (Boise)


Choreographer’s Venture / Impulstanz (Vienna, Austria)

   Individual Project Grant (RACC): CULTURE MACHINE

Dance Truck Residency (Atlanta)


P-af Residency (St. Erme, France)

Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant

Individual Project Grant (RACC):.Event.Space.


Portland State University Residency / OAC percent for Art Program


SOWA Residency (Portland)

Critics Table Award for performance of Room (Austin)

Oregon Individual Artist Fellowship

   Individual Project Grant (RACC): Endless Ocean


Individual Project Grant (RACC): Passing out Heart Game

   Caldera Art Residency (Sisters, OR.)


Deborah Hay’s Solo Performing Commissioning Project (Inverness, Scotland)

Professional Development grant awarded through worksystems, Inc.

Individual Project Grant (RACC): Island Desk

Space Grant through Conduit’s Charged program.


Dance Lab through NDP and NEFA (Seattle)

Individual Project Grant (RACC): Under an Hour




FLOCK: FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists. FLOCK re-imagines methods of economic sustainability in the performing arts community. It provides an accessible creative hub where the most urgent contemporary issues take shape in both choreographic works and educational engagements. Tahni Holt is founder and Executive Director. www.flockodx.org

FRONT: FRONT is a-first-ever-of-it’s-kind in Portland newspaper. FRONT relies on the old-school tactics of the newspaper infused with new, current, future energy of dance theory and practices in the field. Tahni Holt is one of four of the founding members. www. frontpaper.tumblr.com



BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY / 1998